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When I first saw the preview images of the new GI Joe cartoon "Resolute" I thought they looked great, and the Firefly especially really grabbed my attention. I really wanted to create a figure of him in that outfit. I had considered using a Star Wars Clonetrooper figure for some of the parts, but it wasn't quite right. The idea kind of fell to the wayside for a while.

Then, I recently found the first wave of Resolute action figures at Target, and one of the figures in the wave is a Reolute Cobra Trooper. The figure looked like the perfect base for my Firefly project! I quickly grabbed the 3 that were on the pegs and took them home.

My first attempt consisted of me cutting the pouches off of the Cobra Trooper vest, and adding some fixit sculpt to extend it lower, to match what the preview images of Firefly looked like. But when I posted my WIP images online, one of the comments was that "Firefly looks like he's been eating jelly donuts and drinking grape soda, hanging out with the 'noks". I hadn't seen it, but he was right - Firefly looked like a plump Thanksgiving turkey! Back to the drawing board...

I attempted two other designs, but both of those turned out to be epic failures as well. My only option left? Create a vest from scratch. So I did. I used the Lego canvas that seems to be getting a lot of use lately by customizers to fashion a vest. It took me about 2 hours to get everything exactly the way I wanted it. The next problem was the collar. I couldn't get the canvas to stand up properly while attaching properly, so I decided to just use the collar from the original vest, cut it out and trim it up to fit. It fit quite nicely.

Next I added a belt and some webgear, made from a material that I purchased online. I wish I knew what it really was, since it works quite well, and I'm going to have to get more of it eventually. I added some pouches, and the original backpack to the figure. Then I noticed in the reference images that he had a small knife/sword sheath on his back... so I fabricated that out of Lego canvas as well.

Overall a fun figure to work on, and I'm pretty happy with the end result.

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